Irresistible Grace – Richard Mansel

What John Calvin formalized in the sixteenth century began with the teachings of Augustine in the fourth century. Since Calvin’s day, scholars have spread the doctrine throughout most of the denominational world. Through the years they simplified their teachings into five principles, the fourth of which is called “Irresistible Grace.” Calvinists claim that since Adam… Read More Irresistible Grace – Richard Mansel

Limited Atonement – Wesley Walker

Over the past several years the evangelical world has had a resurgence of Calvinism. A new breed of young leaders have risen to prominence in evangelical circles. Their influence, not only among evangelical churches, but also within the churches of Christ, is growing through conferences, publications, and internet presence. This new resurgence brings to head… Read More Limited Atonement – Wesley Walker

Total Hereditary Depravity – David W. Hester

The doctrine of total hereditary depravity is a foundational tenet of Calvinism. John Calvin believed that all babies are born in sin and that their nature had to be changed. In his Institutes, he wrote that babies “bear with them an inborn corruption from their mother’s womb” (Institutes II, 1340). “Indeed, their whole nature is… Read More Total Hereditary Depravity – David W. Hester

Calvinism — Jon Mitchell, Interim Editor (Editorial: September, 2014)

The doctrine known as Calvinism has permeated the foundational theology of much of the denominational world for centuries. Initially conceived by Augustine in the fourth century A.D., the doctrine was popularized in England, Ireland, and Scotland by John Calvin in the sixteenth century. Puritans and Presbyterians brought it to the New World in the seventeenth… Read More Calvinism — Jon Mitchell, Interim Editor (Editorial: September, 2014)