About the Carolina Messenger

We are a religious publication that has been around since 1994, formerly known as the Palmetto Messenger.  We are affiliated with doctrinally sound churches of Christ.  Let us tell you what our goals are as a paper:

  • To teach the Word of God plainly and clearly in every article.
  • To up hold the Bible as the verbally inspired Word of God and our authority in all matters of religion.
  • To please God rather than man.
  • To instill in people habits of thought that promotes good morality and Christian character.
  • To oppose error either within or without the church.
  • To be open to discussion of Biblical questions and to hear each honest question with love for the questioner and love for the truth.
  • To teach the truth in love.
  • To have positive Bible centered lessons that impart faith building knowledge to the reader.
  • Our purpose is not to be in competition with any of the number of good papers that exist within the brotherhood today, but to compliment them.
  • Our purpose is not to be a faultfinding, negative, argumentative paper. We will not turn our backs on controversy, but refuse to make this the primary purpose of the Carolina Messenger.
  • With few exceptions we will use only those articles not published in other publications. Our desire is to present only original material.

Over the years, we have always tried to achieve every one of these goals with every issue.  Any feedback you give would be greatly appreciated.  In addition, we welcome any article written by members of the church of Christ pertaining to any biblical subject.  If you would like to give us feedback or submit an article for consideration to publish, you can reach us by leaving a comment in the comments section, emailing the webmaster at carolinamessenger@gmail.com or through snail mail at Jon Mitchell, Editor, Carolina Messenger, 1301 Dews Pond Road SE, Calhoun, GA  30701.  (All comments will first be approved by the webmaster before being allowed on the website.)

We originally started by publishing in paper format on a monthly basis, and we still do that on a bi-monthly basis today for the benefit of readers who either prefer to read hard copies or do not have access to the Internet.  We do not charge a subscription rate, and would be happy to provide you and/or your congregation the paper free of charge.  That said, the cost of publication and mailing is substantial.  The board members and staff freely contribute their time and resources toward proclaiming the gospel through this bi-monthly publication, and we must depend on contributions from individuals and churches.  Any financial contribution you could make would be greatly appreciated and would go a long way towards helping us continue to get this publication to as many people as possible.  If you would like a hard copy of the paper mailed to you or your congregation and/or would like to financially support us, please send your name and current address and/or any checks or cash to Carolina Messenger, 425 St. Andrews Road, Columbia, SC 29210.

As more and more people started getting their reading material online, the board of directors of the Carolina Messenger decided to create a website to expand our readership and created the blog you are visiting now.  This blog contains articles published by the Carolina Messenger from 2013 to the present.  If you have any questions or suggestions about our blog or original website, please submit them in the comments section or email the webmaster at carolinamessenger@gmail.com.  (All comments will first be approved by the webmaster before being allowed on the website.)

We hope these articles will be of great spiritual benefit to you.  Feel free to distribute them to others, provided that they not be altered in any way and proper credit is given to the paper and the author.  To God may all glory and honor be given!

In Christ,

The board of directors of the Carolina Messenger

Michael Grooms (chair), Jon Mitchell (editor, webmaster), Ernest Richards, Jr. (secretary), David R. PharrRoy Knight

6 thoughts on “About the Carolina Messenger

  1. Thanks for my subscription to your on-line edition of Carolina Messenger. I like what I read so far and look forward to future articles. Perhaps, I will have something worthwhile to contribute soon that is inline with your stated goals. If it does not coincide with those good goals, it will not help anyone.

  2. We would be happy to do so. Thank you for giving us his information, and thanks especially for studying with this man and encouraging him in his walk with Christ! God bless both you and Him!

  3. Could you please send your paper to a man I am studying with? He is in prison in MS. His name is Charles Mullins #47165-074, U.S.P. Yazoo City K-2, P.O.Box 5000, Yazoo City, MS 39194. He is a brother in Christ and made contact through the World Bible Study program where I attend services. He has matured spiritually the last several months. He wants as much Biblical information as he can get. He wants to continue to study God’s Word with the Bible and sound articles he can receive. If you feel you can’t do this, I will understand. Thank you, A. Hatcher

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