Financial Report (October, 2014 – March, 2015)

Balance (10/13/14): $10,416.99

Church contributions: $4195

Duncan, Wildwood, W. Walker, Mauldin, Corinth, Charlotte Ave, Eastside, Anon, Boiling Springs, Cape Fear, Abilene, Central

Individual contributions: $4957

T Lambert, B Mattox, L Craft, J Brown, T Collier, C Mendahall, J Nygard, A Zeiss, G Rainey, V Plyar, L White, J Odom, S McMullen, G Lively, J Lathen, B Miller, J Graham, C Cooper, P Johnson, F Roland, L Munger, D Long, P McCullum, B Rowan, C Graves, W Garrett, S Dexter, C Marshall, P Kennedy, W Williams, D Alsup, J Buie, V Miller, C Bledsoe, A Horne in memory of Gaylene Horne, JC Anthony, M Howell, DC Trotter, J Woodall, P Williams, W Storch, D Nicholson, J Clark, L Overton, S Piper, F Shively, B Voss, S Ragsdale, S Vinsant, W Ford, C Stanley, V Enriquez, J Taylor, M Hull, J Warren, C Hinton, J Vaughn, G Knight, T Mastenbrook, B Lyons, H McCree, E McKenzie, J Miller, D Carpenter, S Matthews, G Wilder, B Anderson, R Upton, J Kinley, H Doub, D Young, D Webster, M Payne, J Tittle, G Boggs, G Palmer, Anonymous

Expenditures: $6043.14

Bates Printing, Michael Jordan (labels, mailings), Accuzip

Balance (3/19/15): $13,525.85

Thank you so much for your generous contributions! Because of your kindness, we will likely be able to publish an extra issue this year. You have our gratitude for extending your hand in fellowship so that the teachings of God’s Word can reach souls through the Carolina Messenger. — Jon

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