Muslims Need Christ — Stewart Schnur, Guest Editor (Editorial: March/April, 2015)

(Some of our readers requested that we cover the religion of Islam. Accordingly, I asked my friend and brother of eleven years, Stewart Schnur, to write the articles and editorial for this issue. Stewart has done extensive research on Islam over the years, and we are thankful he has agreed to write these articles to instruct us about this relevant and needed topic of our times. — Jon Mitchell, Editor)

Is your soul or mine more valuable to God than the soul of a Muslim? Because Christ cares, we also must care to share the gospel with them. We must prepare ourselves to teach Muslims about the Christ of the Bible who is different from the minimal information about Christ in the Quran. We know the certainty of our God that there is NO SALVATION in any other name (like Muhammad) under heaven given among men by which ALL MUST BE SAVED (Ac. 4:12).

Muslims are sincere and strive as did Paul to have a good conscience (Ac. 24:16). Yet Paul was wrong and Muslims are too. They express a militant, often intimidating, and threatening approach to convert the world to their Allah. We must express a bold faith to show them that our love for them is stronger than the hate often expressed to us. They do believe Jesus is a prophet of God. The Quran teaches he alone was born of a virgin, and did miracles. The Quran teaches he was NOT crucified, or that he died (4:157). These teachings about Jesus were not found in the Bible but were founded in erring beliefs of so-called Christians during Muhammad’s lifetime.

We need to ask them what they know about the prophet called Jesus, “Isa” in Arabic. He is referred to in English translations of the Quran as “Messiah/Christ,” meaning “the anointed one of God.” Their understanding will be very limited as Jesus is mentioned in some 28 scattered passages of their Quran. In their ignorance and fear they may not want to be further informed about the Jesus of the Bible. Yet their precious soul is a stake. We must try to help them.

What motivates one to be Islamic? The Allah of the Quran has authority and you had better fear and submit to him. Insincere Muslims had better watch out for other Muslims who may harm them if they do not submit. This motivation of terror works in the heart of a Muslim considering conversion to Christ. Obviously such a mindset is totally contrary to the God of love, grace, and mercy revealed to Christians through Jesus Christ. Christians are motivated to be obedient to God through Christ and the great love He has expressed toward us at the cross.

Merciful Allah has predetermined who will and will not get to Paradise. Muslims in respect of Allah will tell you they don’t know if the greatest of prophets Muhammad will make it to Paradise. Their hope uncertainly trusts in their works. There is a better path. Let’s show it to them.

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