Remembering C.C.S.O.P. – Jariell Cooper

In the 1990’s several preachers from the lower midlands area met on Saturdays teaching classes to members of surrounding congregations who were interested in more knowledge and training in the Scriptures. Several meetings were conducted to consider and plan a full-time school with Joseph Barr, Braker Carter, Roland Cumbee, Billy McVey, Melvin Sapp, Halbert Tucker and Larry Williams being present. Thus the Central Carolina School of Preaching was established in 1995 in the vicinity of Kingstree, South Carolina. In 2001 it was moved to the Kingsbury Road Church of Christ building in Sumter. The Central Carolina School of Preaching is currently under the oversight of the Kingsbury eldership (Claude Helton and Melvin Sapp). Melvin Sapp serves as director.

The school offers a two year program, which places emphasis on doctrinal soundness and absolute authority of the scriptures. Within this program are offered contextual studies of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. Also other related subjects such as Bible Geography, Greek Language, Christian Evidences, Personal Evangelism, The Godhead, The Preacher and His Work and many more. The program is composed of 64 classes, each class lasting three hours Tuesday through Friday, with Monday being a study day. The school also provides a house to accommodate some of the students. The Central Carolina School of Preaching has a code of conduct which is based upon Bible teaching. All students are required to wear suits and ties to class.

I gained some wonderful experiences with the Central Carolina School of Preaching that will never be forgotten. I entered the school in 2012 after being baptized into the Lord’s church in 2011. Being a new convert there were many things needed to be learned. I had never preached or taught a Bible class anywhere. The Central Carolina School of Preaching provided all of those things that were lacking to become an effective gospel preacher.   I am thankful to God for this great institution.

Being a student at the Central Carolina School of Preaching was more than just being in a classroom.   A person doesn’t have to be in a classroom to be considered a student. The word “student” is defined as one who studies or learns. A learner is a disciple is a student. The apostles of Jesus were initially his students involved in a variety of activities. While students with the Central Carolina School of Preaching we had the opportunity to participate in funerals, food giveaways, teach Bible classes, attend many gospel meetings and lectureships, and take a trip to Trinidad and Tobago to help with personal evangelism (along with many other activities). All were wonderful experiences that I will never forget.

The Central Carolina School of Preaching provided us with a lot of information that was amazing regarding many things. One item that the school helped us with was the work of the Holy Spirit which is confusing to many today. Before I attended the school I held several false views on the Godhead such as that Jesus and the Holy Spirit were the same being. The school presented a proper comprehension of the Holy Spirit. The class entitled “The Godhead” expounded on the work of each member of the Godhead. Learning about the Godhead was vital especially in a society that needs to know about the Trinity. The information regarding the book of Revelation was also highly interesting. I learned that most of the events in the book are completed. Before attending the school I believed that most of the events in the book of Revelation were still occurring. What was taught in the book of Daniel was also amazing. It was surprising to learn that Daniel predicted many specific historical events of the ancient Mediterranean world as well as the kingdom of Christ.

There were some great experiences shared with fellow class mates while attending the Central Carolina School of Preaching. The friendship and fellowship that we developed for one another was astounding. It was encouraging to be among brethren who were endeavoring to do the same work. We were from different areas and getting to know one another was great. Sometimes we would dine-out and fellowship with one another. There were times we sang hymns and prayed together. We encouraged one another and visited various congregations together. We would study together and help one another with various assignments.

The Central Carolina School of Preaching provided us with a lot of advantages. Most of my instructors were gospel preachers for many years. Thus the experiences that they had as gospel preachers were shared with us. They were capable of answering all of our questions due to their many years of study. We had access to approximately 200 years of knowledge and experience from the instructors in the Central Carolina School of Preaching.

Being a student in the school of preaching provided me with a lot of time in the pulpit. There were several congregations that allowed me to preach for them.   There were at least ten different ones that allowed me to speak from time to time. Not being familiar beforehand with preparing and delivering sermons speaking in their pulpits was highly beneficial.

The school distributed a lot of material without any cost (which was a blessing). There was never a time when collections were taken in the school for the cost of books, paper, travels, etc. All the things that we received in the Central Carolina School of Preaching were free. There were several congregations that sent books to the school without any cost. Some preachers gave books to students. The school provided us with an abundant amount of material. And much of the material that we received was expensive.

If you desire to gain more Bible knowledge and/or to become an effective gospel preacher, the Central Carolina School of Preaching is certainly for you. It is superb in its training and distribution of knowledge of the scriptures. The school still adheres to the teaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ. The world needs more gospel preachers, who are willing to stand firm and boldly proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ without additions or subtractions. These are the kind of men that the Central Carolina School is developing every year. If you have any interest in the school we certainly would love to communicate with you. If you desire more information call the director, Melvin Sapp, at (803)-775-0510.

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