The Editor’s Page – Paul Kirkpatrick, Interim Editor

As was mentioned in the January/February issue of the Carolina Messenger brother Pharr announced that he was “retiring” from his position as Editor. In fact, David has been trying to vacate that position for the past three years and we had not let him. Brother Pharr has been a great asset to the work of the paper during his tenure as Editor. We owe him a great deal of appreciation for his balanced approach to Holy Scripture and we, The Board, offer him our thanks for providing a sound direction for the Carolina Messenger.

The Board of Directors of The Carolina Messenger are committed to continuing this direction for the paper. We are seeking a man who will continue to provide a balanced approach to the word of God and assist the followers of Christ in walking in the light.

Jon Mitchell is our new Associate Editor and will serve as the interim editor until a new editor is appointed. He will begin the interim editor duties with the July/August 2014 issue of the Carolina Messenger.

This issue deals with the Inspiration Of The Bible. It is imperative that we understand the medium with which God has communicated to mankind. It is only through a knowledge of the word of God that man can be reconciled to God. (c.f. Romans 1:16)


One thought on “The Editor’s Page – Paul Kirkpatrick, Interim Editor

  1. Thank you Brother Pharr. Your heart, hard work, and diligence have impacted many lives for the Lord.

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